Letterpress updated: Version 1.2 comes loaded with shareable replays

The popular word-building game, Letterpress, has just received an update. Version 1.2 now gives players the option of sharing their games with friends and followers on twitter or facebook. The replays are essentially GIFs that show each word, turn-by-turn as you scroll the bar across the bottom of the screen. It’s pretty neat.

Full update details:

“What’s New in Version 1.2

– Share Replays! Now you can tweet, post, email or just hoard links to your games and show off yer skillz! (Requires iOS 6)

– CHRISTMAS is a proper noun. It’s not allowed. Bah humbug.

– Loads of little tweaks.

– Improved dictionary.

– Handle orientation changes on iPad better.

– Clarified the “prefix” rule in the How To Play. Apparently the word “prefix” means something different to programmers and grammar geeks! The rule is actually really simple; it has nothing to do with roots, stems, definitions, moon cycles, or latin derivations. It’s boils down to: no words found at the beginning of a previously played word. Easy.

– People read these. Neat. If I were smart I’d monetize all over your eyeballs.”

If you haven’t tried Letterpress yet, I highly recommend it, unless you don’t enjoy word games. If you want to challenge me, hit me up on Game Center. My ID: CAM.DWB.

Via: iTunes
Animation via: TheNextWeb


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