Latest Motorola patent lawsuit falls in Apple’s favor

Back in August, Motorola accused Apple of violating seven of its patents with several iOS and Mac OS X products, and filed a lawsuit against the folks in Cupertino. Now, news has emerged that Apple has defended itself from the attacker by favor of U.S. International Trade Commission judge Thomas Pender’s ruling.

The case can still be reviewed, but Jennifer Erickson from Motorola stated this in a Bloomberg interview:

“We’re disappointed with this outcome and are evaluating our options.”

Whether the case will be reviewed any time soon is so far unknown, but the last few months have been great for Apple, what with its lawsuit victory over Samsung for $1 billion dollars and this latest Motorola case. Not to mention the heaps of patents granted to the Cupertino company.


Via: 9to5Mac

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  • Ryan

    This is the most one sided vauge and unsubstantiated article I have ever read, please next time look up some actual facts before you make another article.