Kyle’s 2012 Holiday Wish List

The holiday season is among us, and what does that mean? Presents! My list may not have the most expensive items, but that doesn’t take away from how awesome some of them really are. From stocking stuffers to things that need to be placed under the tree, check out my most hoped for presents this year.



A.R. Drone 2.0 ($299.95)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with things that fly. I’ve always loved remote control airplanes, helicopters, etc. They just fascinate me. This item isn’t new, however it still is just as awesome and when I first heard about them. The A.R. Drone 2.0 is a quadrocopter that you can control from your iOS device. That is just awesome. It includes a 720p video camera that can record, and also stream live to your device so you can see where you are flying. Works with iPhone and iPad, and I want one almost as bad as I wanted my iPhone 5.



ōlloclip for iPhone 5 ($69.99)

I love the camera on the iPhone 5. It’s one of the best snappers I’ve used on a mobile device. So, any thing that could make it better, why not try it out? I’ve had my eyes on this since I first heard of its release. The ōlloclip for iPhone 5 includes a Macro, Fisheye, and Wide Angle lens all in one. Cam already has one, and now I want one. Of course this won’t actually replace my Canon T3i DSLR camera (for which I recently acquired both a Wide Angle and Macro lens), but I can’t lug that around as easily as I can my iPhone. This would be great for a little improv shooting on the go.



The Lightning Dock ($34.95)

When the iPhone 5 was released, it was surprisingly without a dock designed specifically for it, as Apple had done with all others in the past. This made me pretty sad, I was really looking forward to having a dock to set my iPhone 5 on my desk as I launch apps from Xcode to test (I’m a developer on the side). Oh well, that just left a gaping whole for 3rd party manufacturers to fill. One that I’ve found that I really love is simply named “The Lightning Dock.” It is exactly what it says, a dock for Lightning devices. It comes in aluminum (both brushed and bead finishes) and hardwood. That black bead finished one just looks beautiful to me.



Acase Black Diamonds 3 (approx. $120)

This thing looks like it is from another galaxy. Which to me is simply awesome. I first saw this back when Cam reviewed it and have wanted one since. It’s so awesome looking! I feel like I would sit at stare and the changing lights. When I first saw this, the first immediate thought I had was that it looked like a mini window to outer space. Doesn’t it? Not only that, but I love portable speakers. I recently decided to take the plunge into Spotify Premium, and wow was it worth it. This would be a device for down at my family beach house, especially at night.



Griffin 9.8′ Lightning Cable ($29.99 when released)






Apple’s Lightning cable is great, the new smaller connecter isn’t a problem for me. However, my only pet peeve with it is it’s just too short. I need a longer chord for when I’m sitting on the couch or something where there just isn’t a plug within the short reach of Apple’s stock chord. That’s when I found this. Griffin announced some Lightning cables after the long wait for Apple to approve them, and it is making one 9.8 feet long. Yeah. Almost 10 feet long. That is perfect for what I want, and I want one now. Too bad they aren’t released yet. Either way, this is a great little item that maybe you could put a “IOU” for in a stocking.

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  • verthib1

    You can get a longer lightning cable now from They work great.

  • Either way, this is a great little item that maybe you could put a “IOU” for in a stocking.