iPhone grabs 53% of US smartphone market, Android slips to 41%

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech has been crunching some numbers and deduced that – for the first time – iOS has taken over half of the smartphone market. The analyst firm’s report is based on sales over a 12 week period ending on November 25th this year. In the States, the iPhone made up 53.3% of smartphone sales. That’s up from 35.8% over the same period in 2011. What that means is that for the first time in years, iOS powered smartphones outsold Android. Not bad going at all, I’m sure you’ll agree. In fact, the only other platform to grow was Windows Phone. Every other platform lost ground.

It’s a different story in Europe. Although iOS’ share did grow, it’s still no where near the 50% mark. That said, iPhones are not cheap over here – especially in the UK where the upfront cost for an Apple branded handset is still much higher than its Android competitors. Over the 5 main European countries, Android held a commanding 61% stake, whereas iOS was nearer the 25% mark (growing little from the same timeframe last year).

It’s still good news for Apple on its home turf though, and with the iPhone 5 having sold in impressive numbers on its opening weekend in China, things are looking good for Cupertino.

Source: KantarWorldPanel
Via: 9to5Mac


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