iPhone 5 shipping times drop again, down to just 2-4 days

Apple must be pushing manufacturers incredibly hard in order to prepare for what may very well be a record holiday quarter for the company. Tons of people around the world will be clamoring to get Apple’s latest toys under their trees this Christmas, and luckily it just got a bit easier. The iPhone 5 online shipping estimates which, at one point, were up to 3-4 weeks have now dropped down to a measly 2-4 days! With this being the hardest iPhone yet to manufacturer and the demand for the device being so high, this is a pretty incredible feat. It makes me wonder if Apple had more iPhones than it was letting on in the beginning to ensure that holiday stock was sufficient…

Regardless of how this was accomplished, I’m not complaining. It’s worth noting that currently, only Australian customers see the reduced shipping times online. Because of differences in time zones, iOS users in Australia are always the first to be treated to product launches and shipping time reductions and other things of that nature. However, it’s almost a guarantee that these shipping times will be extended to the rest of the world soon enough (when iPhone 5 shipping times dropped to last week to 1 week, Australia got it first but the rest of the world followed soon after).

And while this is great news, there’s still no improvement on iPad mini shipping times which, at the time of writing this article, hold strong at 2 weeks. Fingers crossed that Apple is able to lower that time as well in the weeks leading up to Christmas!

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Via: Cult of Mac

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  • lean6rtj2

    Hmm…wonder what demand is looking like at present. I was too bored with mine for the two weeks that I had one…after having owned all previous versions. It’s gonna take an act of God to pry this Galaxy Note 2 from my hands. I’m a lot more than just interested in seeing the iPhone completely redesigned.