iPhone 5 launched in September, already grabs 27% of global LTE device market

Despite only being on the market for a few months, the iPhone 5 has made some serious ground in the LTE device market. Apple took a huge 26.7% slice of the LTE pie with the 6th generation iPhone. That said, it’s not yet top of the pile. Its arch-rivals, Samsung, unsurprisingly hold the majority and most likely will do for a while yet. The Korean tech giant took 40% of the market; which may sound impressive until you read that its share dropped by 10% compared to the previous quarter.

The information comes from analysis undertaken by Strategy Analytics, which shows that – once again – the iPhone has proven to be very popular. None of the other manufacturers came close to matching the “Big Two”. LG finished in 3rd spot with 9.1% share, and Motorola struggled with 6.7% of the market. With Apple’s arrival on the market, every single manufacturers’ share has dropped considerable thanks to the iPhone 5’s enormous success. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the results of the final quarter of this year to see if the holiday season affects figures in any major way.

Via: TheNextWeb

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  • Deke218

    Big Two?  Shouldn’t that be the BIG ONE [Samsung] and the Wanna Be?  As most of Little Stevie’s far fetched patents get rule to be unenforceable, we will see the decline of this idea stealing greedy little company.  Oh Apple.  How far you shall soon fall.