iPhone 5 for $149 and 4S for $49 at RadioShack

Not a single retailer wants to be outdone this holiday season. Following Best Buy’s offer of $50 off the price of an on-contract iPhone 5, RadioShack has matched the deal and is also going to start offering the 6th gen iPhone starting from $149 on a two-year plan. That’s not all though, the iPhone 4S has been dropped to just $49, and RadioShack is still offering $10 back on every $50 spent in store. You’d think it was the January sales already.

9to5Mac has being doing the rounds to see exactly who else will be matching the $149 iPhone 5 offer, and it seems that a handful of WallMart, Target and even Apple stores will price match. It does sound like it could be a store-by-store basis though, so be sure to ring your nearest retailer to see if they’ll match RadioShack’s nationwide offer.


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