iPhone 5 available for pre-order on China Unicom – 100k orders on first day

China’s number 2 carrier, China Unicom, has finally opened up pre-orders for the iPhone 5. The actual device is set to land in stores in 10 days time, but having gone on pre-order yesterday has already seen 100,000 orders. That’s particularly impressive  since China favors Android overwhelmingly over iOS in general. In Apple’s top 12 countries combined on pre-order day, 2 million were sold.

As noted by TheNextWeb:

A flood of orders came in by 4pm local time. China Unicom didn’t charge money for the reservations, instead requiring an ID card and other personal information to reserve orders for the first day.

China Telecom, the carrier which first started selling the iPhone in early 2012 only sold 5,000 pre-orders of the iPhone 5. In the long term, it seems Apple is really pushing hard to take a significant slice of the Chinese smartphone market. We’ll keep you up to date on this as iPhone launches in China are normally very interesting, if only for the arguments and scuffles that occur between genuine customers and scalpers.

Via: TNW

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