iPhone 4 and iPad design patents finally won by Apple, along with MagSafe

The US Patent and Trademark Office has just handed the patent for the design of the iPhone 4 over to Apple, as well as the design patent for the iPad’s housing and case. Interestingly, the patent for MagSafe – the charging mechanism that was first seen on MacBooks in 2006 – has only just been won by Apple.

It seems that Apple has two separate patents for the iPhone 4, one for the black model and one for the white model, that was delayed by nearly a year back in 2010.

Apple managed to win the patent for its original iPad a while back, but now the housing and Smart Case have also been patented. The smart case was first released alongside the Retina iPad back in spring. Not dissimilar to its predecessor, the Smart Cover, Apple’s Smart Case has a flap that covers the screen, and uses magnets to put the iPad to sleep/wake it up.


Via: Cnet

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