iPad mini demand is almost impossible to satisfy

Not long after talking about people wanting Apple products, we are hearing more about the iPad mini being in crazy demand. So much so, that it is nearly, if not completely, sold out in China. Going on sale December 7th, the iPad mini has had increasingly high demand, which Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets called an “insatiable demand.” Part of the reason, described by White, is as follows:

Prior to the China launch, we indicated that the iPad mini would be the ‘next big thing in China’ and we believe this phenomenon is starting to develop. In our view, the smaller form factor and lower price point will allow Apple to sell the iPad mini in more meaningful volumes versus the regular-size iPad.

iPhone 5 stock has been the opposite, actually doing better. Increased stock for the iPhone 5 has been seen all over, with great timing as it first saw an increase just before the holiday season. Another quote from White talks iPhone 5 demand:

After the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note I/II became more popular than the iPhone 4S in recent months, our discussions now indicate that the iPhone 5 has recently become the most popular high-end smartphone at the resellers that we spoke with.

What do you think? Do you have the iPad mini? Wonder why the demand is so high, or is production just low? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us @TiP_Kyle.


Via: AppleInsider

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  • MacRobrob

    Hey Kyle,
    I had an ipad 2 that was stolen end of July. I didn’t jump at the 3rd gen ipad and since I’m not a heavy phone user I didn’t jump at the iPhone 5 either. When ipad mini wifi only hit the stores, I was immediately impressed. Although I was hard pressed to make some kind of decision. I can only say, once decided, it was well worth every frustrating moment waiting for the cellular model 2 arrive.
    I work in downtown Toronto and am constantly on the go; subway, streetcar, bus, commuter trains to other nearby cities. The ipad 2 was fine except for the weight and ease of access when you have a coffee in one hand and…you get it it! The ipad mini is sweet. I don’t even really not the reduced screen real estate. My mind sees very little difference from the iPad 2.
    I love the weight, one hand can firmly keep a grip. So much more practical when using the ipad mini in the pedestrian haven of downtown Toronto.
    The weight, performance, increased pixel density given the 7inch screen, so it’s a bit of a crisper image!
    I would never want to have a full size unless I had an office. Haha…sure it’s fine for a couple apps on the go, but it is can be somewhat weighty and awkward at the end of the day.
    The mini, well…I think they filled a need that no one really realized was there.
    I love it!

  • LindseyFisher

    It’s just one cool tool, and on the 4G LTE network the thing really flies. I’ve got mine on AT&T, and I couldn’t imagine working with my graphic design clients here in Dallas with anything slower. It’s really great for transmitting large files quickly.

  • applefanatic13

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  • ivvone

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