iOS 6 adoption barely increased after Google Maps release – Maps not really an issue then?

It was suspected by many that Apple’s Maps was bed enough to deter people from upgrading from iOS 5 to iOS 6. The thought of losing Google Maps for Apple’s faulty program was too much to bear for many. At least, that’s we thought. It turns out we were wrong.

Chitika has released some figures that show the increase in iOS 6 adoption was nothing worth noting. The company’s network includes ads on hundreds of thousands of web sites, which saw a change from 72.77% iOS 6 to 72.94%. Seemingly either Maps isn’t really that bad, or there were enough other improvements in iOS 6 to warrant making the compromise and updating.

Via: iDB, TechCrunch

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  • Tuliomesa82

    Take into consideration that a lot of user are unlocked on IOS 5.1.1 via gevey jailbreak so they don’t want to risk updating because there is no unlock for CDMA models

  • sersoft

    people are realizing that if Maps are so much better with Google, maybe they should stick to google’s products and tell apple to keep its shiny toy phone with software designed for a 6yr olds.

  • Scrippslarry

    It may take a while for some of us to upgrade. I just upgraded my wife’s iPhone 4S today.
    One other comment. With such a short article, maybe you should proofread them prior to submitting? You have two errors in you first paragraph. I have been noticing errors more nd more these days in electronic and hard copy articles! An alarming trend…

  • At least, that’s we thought. It turns out we were wrong.