If the Apple HDTV looks like this concept, I’ll be buying one [Gallery]

Apple products get a lot of media attention at all stages, particularly before they’ve been released. Nothing gets me more excited about gadgets more than a good set of concepts and mockups. Over at AllThingsD this morning, Jeremy Allaire (Chairman and CEO of Brightcove) published an “All I Want for Xmas Is My Apple TV” article. I suggest reading it in full if you have a few minutes. Needless to say, it got me all excited again.

The writer speculates that the TV will be more like an all-in-one entertainment system than a simple Television set. Not only will it offer the best, most varied and simple to access broadcast and online video, it will be a game console thanks to having an App Store. And, with AirPlay supported, your iPhone and iPad gaming will become immense.

Specs-wise, we’re looking at an A7 quad-core processor, 1080p HD video, built-in FaceTime camera plus sensors for gesture control. If Apple takes the concept in to account (which I doubt), it will feature two Lightning ports: one for power and one for attaching a proprietary accessory called the “coax dongle”. This dongle essentially replaces any existing set-top boxes and DVRs.

The TV itself will allegedly come in two sizes: 46″ and 60″ flavors made of glass and aluminum (of course), and will look very similar to the new iPad and iPhone. It’ll also be tightly integrated with current Apple hardware and ecosystem. Your iPad or iPhone becomes exponentially more useful thanks to some new developer APIs which allow apps to show controls on your iDevice while showing the main content on the big screen. For more in-depth explanations on this concept, hit the original source.

My opinion is, that although this design and iOS compatibility are incredible, it’s still lacking that “wow factor” that you’d expect of a device that’s supposedly going to leap our TV experience in to the age of The Jetsons. What do you think? Do you like it or hate it? Do you cringe when you start thinking how much this might cost? Let me know your thoughts below or tweet me.


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