Former Apple exec doubts likelihood of Apple TV set

Jean-Louis Gassee, a Former Apple Executive, has decided to add his two cents onto the ongoing “will Apple make a TV set?” debate. Gasee reckons that, despite Tim Cook’s recent comments and the late Steve Jobs’ desires, the company is unlikely to ever bring an Apple TV set into production.

The former Apple worker wrote in his blog that he doubts “Apple will make, or even wants to make, a TV set,”. He explains why Apple won’t build the machine:

“To realize the dream, as discussed previously, you need to put a computer — something like an Apple TV module — inside the set. Eighteen months later, as Moore’s Law dictates, the computer is obsolete but the screen is just fine. No problem, you’ll say, just make the computer module removable, easily replaced by a new one; more revenue for Apple…and you’re right back to today’s separate box arrangement. And you can spread said box to all HDTVs, not just the hypothetical Apple-brand set.”

Whether you agree or not, Gasee’s opinion has certainly added another layer to the speculation cake in terms of whether an Apple TV set will ever emerge into reality, but amidst all the anticipation for the device, his comments on the matter won’t be well received.


Via: TechnoBuffalo

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  • Bratty

    I get what he is saying but if the “engine” of this new tv could be eadily removable (for upgrades), then there is no issue. Imagine the engine plugging into the tv in some cool manner that makes it almost invisible. Switching it out every two years to a higher “power” could be easy and efficient.

  • Cameron Buchan

    Yes, he’s saying that, but he’s also saying that such an ‘engine’ could simply be used on any TV set, thus making Apple’s set redundant. If it’s like this, what separates it from the current Apple TV?