Finalists Announced: Game of the Year 2012 – Vote for your #1

Last week we asked you to take part in a poll to decide which game impressed you most during 2012. The list was pretty extensive, but out of all the votes, 5 clear winners emerged. Your favorite 5 games from this year are: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Angry Birds Star Wars, Temple Run, FIFA 13 and Modern Combat 4.

To decide which title is the top dog this year, you need to vote for your favorite out of the five finalists. Having played 4 out of the five games on the list I’m in agreement that they are very impressive games for one reason or another. I was expecting Sky Gamblers to end higher up the list, but, it wasn’t anywhere near the top 5.

Which game from the list below do you think deserves the Top Game crown for 2012?

1. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Unbelievably, it’s been 10 years since the 4th GTA title hit the console market. To mark its anniversary, it joined its predecessor, GTA 3 on the App Store in stunning fashion. Although playing with virtual controls can get a little fiddly, it’s just as playable as it was back in 2002.

2. Angry Birds STAR WARS

What happens when you join the most successful iOS game of all time with the best movie series of all time? Pure awesomeness, that’s what! Angry Birds STAR WARS takes all the good things about Angry Birds Space and the other titles, and transforms the birds in to memorable characters from George Lucas’ iconic franchise.

3. Temple Run

The one freemium game that offers fantastic value for money. There are in-app purchases to help speed up your progress, but they’re not necessary. I was glued to this game for many nights, and has to go down as the “original” success story of the free running genre of games.

4. FIFA 13

Pure class! The 2013 edition of EA’s popular football series is even more playable than last years and comes with new gaming modes including online multiplayer. Controls and graphics are improved to make this one of the titles to beat from this year.

5. Modern Combat 4

Last but not least. We may not Black Ops style graphics and gameplay on iPhones or iPads, but we’re getting very close. No title proves that we’re progression more than Modern Combat 4. It’s hailed as being the best first person shooter on the App Store.


Which will you choose? Vote in the poll below.


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