Eddy Cue cashes in on Apple stock, collects $8.76M

The big wigs at Apple must be planning some pretty costly holiday plans this year. Hot on the heels of news that Apple exec Bob Mansfield sold off about $20 million in Apple stock, we’re now learning that Eddy Cue, Apple’s SVP of Internet Software and Services, sold off about 15,000 shares of Apple, making just under $8.76 million.

Cue is in charge of everything from iTunes, iCloud, iAd, iBookstore, and, most recently, Siri and Apple’s infamous mapping system. Now before you go feeling bad for Cue for making significantly less than Mansfield, you should know that as long as Cue keeps working for Apple, he’s got 100,000 share bonus coming his way. That could buy a lot of iPad minis.



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