Draw Something gets iPad-only “PRO” sequel – on the App Store now

If you have a smartphone or tablet of any kind, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of or played the uber-popular Draw Something game. Essentially, it’s a Facebook-connected digital version of Pictionary without the egg timer. Zynga, the new owners of the game, have released an enhanced, iPad-only version named Draw Something Pro. Coming in at a pricey $4.99, it’s unclear as to why the company went down this route.

Draw Something already comes in two different universal versions. The free option is ad-supported, whereas the $2.99 paid version is ad-free. Both versions work perfectly well with iPads and iPhones alike. So what exactly do you get with the “PRO” version for two bucks more?

• Never run out of BOMBS. Ever.
• Gain access to ALL SPECIAL WORDS at no extra cost
• Unlimited GUESS help – keep your streaks alive

• 10 brilliant new colors available only in PRO

• A larger drawing screen optimized just for iPad

Essentially, it’s easier and has more colors. I’m personally unconvinced. Apart from getting bored with the original version within a couple of weeks, I see no reason to cough up almost 5 dollars (£3) for a slightly tweaked version of the same title.

If you disagree with my way of thinking, and want to show off your pro skills on the iPad you might want to take advantage of the special launch price of $2.99 (£1.99) before it goes back up again. App Store Link.

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