Details of the Apple and HTC lawsuit settlement to become public knowledge

Apple and HTC have both remained pretty silent when it comes to the recently settled lawsuit, which thankfully ended with a 10-year licensing deal. Curious minds have longed to know the details. Which patents are cross-licensed? How much will they be paying? Who’s better off after the settlement? It seems we’re about to find out a lot more about the “under wraps” deal. Sadly, we will not get to find out any financial details.

CNET reports:

“This Court has repeatedly explained that only the pricing and royalty terms of license agreements may be sealed,” Koh wrote in a ruling. “There are compelling reasons to seal pricing and royalty terms, as they may place the parties to the agreement at a disadvantage in future negotiations, but there is nothing in the remainder of the agreement that presents a sufficient risk of competitive harm to justify keeping it from the public.”

Lucy Koh – of course – is a name we’re all familiar with after the Samsung/Apple $1B lawsuit. What this means is that pretty much everything except the money will be revealed to the public. The only non-involved company to get access to the information so far is Samsung, who wanted to double check that some of the patents that they settled on were not similar to patents the Korean company were found guilty of infringing.


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