Spot and share local discoveries with DailyCandy Scout [Review]

Trend-setters and taste-makers will love DailyCandy Scout. The trendy online publication for women introduced its lifestyle app earlier this year, featuring user-generated content that can be shared, liked, and commented on.

While some people are finding their pinspiration on Pinterest, DailyCandy Scout encourages you to share your best finds. “Flaunt fashion finds in street-style battles, document your best kept beauty secret, [and] go toe-to-toe with other users on the DIY nail art front.”

Before diving into the app, you’ll be asked to log in or create an account. If you’re just looking around, you can access the app as a Guest — but note that you’ll experience limited functionality. If you plan on sharing your own content I recommend that you create an account. Otherwise, feel free to browse as a guest.

DailyCandy Scout is broken down into three sections: Challenges, Trending, and Editors. The first houses weekly challenges, which all appear to offer some sort of prize. There are a variety of prompts, ranging from “Make Our Mouths Water” to “Break Out the Bows,” a holiday-themed challenge. Entering a challenge is easy; just tap on the image and again on the big blue “Enter” button. If you need more information, tap on “Read More” in the top right corner of the image to find contest rules and prizes.

The trending section is pretty self-explainable, as is Editor’s Picks. You can swipe through each category to view popular and featured images. Tapping on an image will reveal its creator, as well as notable comments and awards. You can also see which challenge, if any, the photo was linked to. Additionally, you can tap “Browse” from the bottom navigation bar to look through recent, popular, and challenge submissions.

I found DailyCandy Scout to be very user-friendly, which is probably why it’s also easy to lose track of time browsing. I’m by no means a trend-setter, especially when it comes to fashion and beauty products, but I like the app for the challenges. It’s interesting seeing others’ take on more abstract categories, as well as joining in on the fun. It’s a bit like Instagram, Pinterest, and DuelPic — if you don’t like at least one of those apps, you probably won’t dig DailyCandy Scout.


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