Creator of Letterpress and Tweetie “excited” about Jony Ive’s new position

As many of you are probably well aware, Jony Ive is taking over the design aspect of iOS. Well, a former Apple employee gone entrepreneur is now sharing his thoughts on the executive mixup going on in Cupertino. Loren Brichter, famed creator of Letterpress and Tweetie (before it was bought by Twitter), spoke with GigaOm to talk about many different subjects, and of course the switch to Jony Ive as UI/UX designer of iOS came up:

“I’m excited about Ive” taking over the Human Interface group at Apple, where he will lead both industrial design and the design of the software that runs on it. “He has good taste.” He paused. “But more important than good taste, he has the ability to” — he points to the MacBook Air in front of me — “he’s true to the materials, to the medium he’s working in. One of my complaints about design of iOS is it’s doing things that aren’t true to the hardware.”

As stated earlier, Brichter is a former Apple employee. He used to work under Scott Forstall on the iPhone team, but there wasn’t much said about Forstall being ousted from the company. I too am very excited to see where Ive takes the iOS platform, as I’m sure he will do nothing but good to the operating system. I don’t know if it will be in full effect by iOS 7 though, so iOS 8 (or whatever the naming is by then) will probably be the first full “Jony Ive” iOS.

What do you think? Excited as well? Still a fan of the skeuomorphism? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: MacRumors, GigaOm

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  • TiP_Kyle

    @_alex_santos A little here or there is okay. The gaudy style of Calendar etc in OS X, is too much.

  • _alex_santos

    @TiP_Kyle Some of the stuff on iOS re the skew is just plain awful. Was Forstall really promoting its use?