Christmas Eve images tell very different tales for Apple and Microsoft stores

The days running up to Christmas are historically the worst times to go out gift shopping. Too many people leaving it until the last minute to go out and buy stocking fillers and gadgets for friends and family. As we’d heard already this year, the iPad was on top of most people’s wish list, and images from an Apple store would seemingly cement that analysis as fact. These images were taken at around 3pm, all within a few minutes of each other at the same Westfield Century City Mall near Beverly Hills.

The images show the huge contrast in footfall between Apple and Microsoft stores:

Apple Store

Microsoft Store

Via: Parislemon, Fortune

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  • cwashington449

    It doesn’t say anything except that people are sheep.

  • One3OneKing

    This proves….absolutely nothing.

  • FrauBlucher

    regarding all ‘proof’ photos found on the net:  Timing is everything in a raindance.

  • DPfen

    Find it funny that some people refer to Apple users as “sheep”….probably the same people who use Windows, an OS used by 90%+ of the population. Talk about the pot calling the kettle…

  • Guest911

    Are you surprised? Only morons would claim otherwise.

  • rgallo10

    most people go to apple store to play with the display phones and ipad it does not mean they purchase.

  • RichardSkaife

    The Apple store has bigger tables, that’s why ;-)

  • Jf665

    Apple Stores outnumber microsoft stores by how many? and just because there are a lot of 12 year old in the stores playing with ipads doesn’t mean they purchased anything

  • DroidBoy11

    Really? Our Microsoft stores were moe filled then Apples. So yeah this shows nothing..

  • huypaulha94

    I’d like to point out that in the Apple Store photo, not one person is holding a purchased product bag. Although I see in the latter photo someone has actually bought something from Microsoft! :D

  • I found your site via yahoo thanks for the post. I will bookmark it for future reference. Thanks.

  • fuck apple

  • WhitneyDaniellePyant

    The apple store is always packed at my mall.

  • Jman

    People leave after they purchase a product. Why would anybody be in the store withan Apple bag?

  • milchpulver

    @schumi1331 alles Mitarbeiter bei m$ xDD