China Mobile still discussing iPhone 5 deal with Apple

It looks like China Mobile won’t be joining China Telecom and China Unicom on December 14, when the carriers are supposedly stocking the iPhone 5. However, China Mobile is still in talks with Apple about a deal with the device.

China Mobile president Yue Li has stated that the carrier has been discussing an iPhone deal with Apple for a while, in-fact, it’s been three years of talks to bring the smartphone to China Mobile’s 700 million customers. The carrier can’t come to an agreement because of its old network technology that isn’t (officially) supported by the iPhone. However, much like T-Mobile in the USA, some geeky mechanics can get Apple’s mobile phone working on the network’s 2G.

China Mobile is currently the world’s largest carrier, and it’s predicted that, should it come to an agreement with Apple, the Cupertino company’s presence in the Chinese smartphone market.


Via: iDownloadBlog

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