Change your iPhone carrier logo without jailbreaking

One of the most attractive features of jailbreaking your iDevice is the ability to customize. One of my favorites was changing my carrier logo. Back in my tweaking days I had “Cam” as my carrier name and the Batman logo show up when I had a 3G connection. Jailbreaking was the only way of achieving this level of personalization within the status bar of any iOS-running device. Until now.

Huge tip of the hat to Dom over at AppAdvice for sending on his tutorial on how to get it done. In short, it involves downloading a third party app to your computer and using it to update your phone’s network settings. Check out the video tutorial below, or head on over to the original article.

The app needed, CarrierEditor, can be downloaded by following this link. I’ll be giving this a whirl to see if I can get it working.


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  • pld940

    Why the heck does this not work with sprint?! You should have posted that is does not work with Sprint iPhones! I just wasted 10 minutes of my life. Thanks.

  • rickiejames

    @pld940 lol sorry he didn’t think of you specifically when he wrote the article?

  • Justn16

    why not the iphone 4s tryed it does not work

  • DrewPage

    This worked great on my iPhone 5.  I even used the image editor GIMP to add the globe AT&T logo and make the AT&T text red.  Looks awesome.

  • verthib1

    The only glitch is I don’t have an option key on my keyboard. I don’t use a Mac. I use a PC. What would the key be on a PC?

  • q4gaming

    Can you change the 4G symbol into a LTE symbol too?

  • DrewPage

    @q4gaming Nope, this only changes the carrier to whatever.

  • DrewPage

    @verthib1 Alt is the same as option on the Mac.  I use left Alt, as I have my iMac dual booted with Windows 7 for work.

  • DrewPage

    @Justn16 This only works on a 4G LTE device, from what i have read, and it requires iOS 6.

  • pld940

    @rickiejames  No, they are giving content to the USA and the UK. Out of 3 carriers in the USA, they could have put a disclaimer saying it doesn’t work with Sprint iPhone 5’s.

  • rickiejames

    @pld940 If you actually spent time reading the description of the software on the download page, instead of flaming the author of the post for not doing what YOU wanted (sorry, he clearly should have guessed), then you’ll see that it states clearly next to the download (and I quote): 
    “Some carriers might not be supported because they do not use images for their logos (e.g. Sprint).”
    So do yourself a favour and actually read next time :) or do the research yourself instead of expecting everyone else to deliver it.

  • MichaelJohnson3

    Can this work on an iPhone that is unlocked and on T-Mobile USA?

  • verthib1

    @rickiejames @pld940 Amen!

  • Scyang97

    Will this work with the Cricket iPhone 5?

  • pld940

    @rickiejames Now your calling me lazy, which I am not. They could have simply said in their post that it does not work with Sprint. It’s not that hard, and I know they are perfectly capable of doing it.

  • rickiejames

    @pld940 well you’re slating an article because the writer didn’t include one bit of information. When that information is clearly on the linked download page. Why the hell should he have to put it twice just for your benefit? You’re the only person who’s whinged about it. So like I said, bloody read next time. That aint hard either I think you’ll find :) Stop being so damn petty, accept that this article wasn’t written with you specifically in mind and get on with it. Mmkay pumpkin? Nothing is going to change just cos you spit your dummy out about it.

  • rickiejames

    @pld940 Also, you clearly are lazy. As you didn’t read. Instead you opted to complain. Which would have been easier the long run eh?

  • ios3916

    Does not work on Sprint iPhone 4S or 5.

  • KillerHippy

    i am also curious if this is possible?

  • awk_rose

    i downloaded the carrier editor app on my mac and i tried to change the logo but when i got to select carrier i found that it did not work for cricket im pretty bummed out does anyone know how to change my carrier logo that is labled as cricket