Apple vs. Samsung Round 2 – Two tech giants back in court to discuss $1B reward

Apple and Samsung’s court case in the summer was possibly the most high profile legal battle in smartphone history. The jury decided – rather hastily – that Samsung should cough up $1 billion in damages for lost profits and royalties. Today, the two are back in court again in front of the now well-known Judge Lucy Koh. The point of this new session is for Koh to determine whether or not Apple deserves the figure given by the jury, and to eventually come to a final decision in regards to the royalties and damages actually owed.

You can keep up with the process live over at TheVerge

At time of writing, currently the two are arguing about how the jury came to its decision. Samsung wants the decision to be nullified and thrown out, and is asking for a retrial. Apple is stating that how the jury got to the decision is unimportant, it should be upheld. Unsurprisingly, the two are disagreeing about absolutely everything. Side note: the phone seeing the most attention so far is the Samsung Prevail.

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