Apple to feature revolutionary 3D technology in its rumored TV set?

It seems like the Apple TV rumor mill spinners have been working hard for years now, and yet Apple is yet to surprise us be releasing an innovative television set. Almost as soon as Stephen hit “publish” on his editorial about the possibilities of great features on the rumored HDTV, a rumor popped up. Among the predicted sales figures for the as-yet mythical TV, were some predicted specs and features.

One – touched on by Stephen earlier (rather coincidentally) – “groundbreaking 3D imaging and display system that optically detects human positions and motions, projects virtual objects onto a display area, and provides audio and visual feedback.” Essentially, it’s an almost holographic image that knows where you are, and is much more interactive than current TV offerings. We’re also expecting full Siri (iButler) integration and a host of video streaming services to boot.

My own thoughts? Who knows what to expect. It’s all rumors for now, and Apple has a habit of surprising us when it launches products in previously unexplored markets.

Via: BGR

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