Apple Store customer satisfaction slumps to its lowest point in 4 years, still above average

As usual this time of year, Forsee has released its annual customer satisfaction report on the top online stores in the US. Having surveyed around 24,000 consumers, it turns out that Apple has is at its lowest rating in over 4 years.

Online retailers are scored out of 100, with achieving a score of 80. Although it may seem pretty impressive, it is a 3 point drop on last year’s score. That said, it is still in the top 3 consumer electronics resellers. Overall, it was outperformed by QVC, Amazon and Possible reasons include the increased demand for Apple products following recent device launches. That said, I’m sure Tim Cook will be keen to ensure that experiences get better. Being 8 points behind Amazon cannot be an easy pill to swallow.

Via: 9to5Mac

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  • Gnetsurpher

    How can Apple be in the top 3 according to the article yet be out performed by QVC, HSN, and Amazon? Consued by the math?

  • andydrew2011

    @Gnetsurpher Because this website is biased toward Apple fanboys.