Apple still European smartphone king, ahead of ever-growing Samsung

comScore has announced today that Apple is once again at the front of the herd as European smartphone king, fending off the continuously-expanding Samsung. Apple’s main European consumer is the UK, where the greatest difference between iOS and Android sales can be found, with Apple beating its arch-nemesis (barely) by a 4% market share.

It was also discovered that, unlike the UK and Spain, Germany is yet to see more than 50% of its cell phone owners opting for smartphones.

It seems as though Android is a raincloud over Apple’s European crown. With Apple’s narrow lead over Samsung just announced, and with Android adoption rates through the roof, the folks over in Cupertino can’t revel in their victory just yet.

However, comScore’s data only accounts for October 2012, and considering the iPhone is expected to be a big hitter this holiday season, Apple may not have to clean its underwear for the time being.

Although Apple has the highest market share in terms of hardware, OS-wise, Android is by far the dominant force over iOS, and don’t expect that to change anytime soon. But us iOS fans can take solace into what I explain time and time again, and that is the amount of devices using iOS compared to those using Android. Apple makes one iOS smartphone. The iPhone. Sure, there may be 3 models currently available, but Apple isn’t selling off its software to other companies. On the other hand, Google wants Android to be used by as many smartphone manufacturers as possible, hence why it has the highest market share in terms of software.

comScore’s smartphone audience share is shown below, it shows percentage of UK smartphone subscribers over the age of 13:


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