Apple and HTC’s cross-licensing deal published (minus the juicy bits) by Samsung

Having had access given to it by the US court, Samsung has read through the HTC and Apple agreement in great depth, and taken the legal liberty of making it public (minus all the parts that make it a lot more interesting.)

Ina Fried, possibly the one person worth following with all things Apple/Samsung and their lawsuit in particular, published an article on AllThingsD. She notes:

According to the document, both sides are getting a nonexclusive, nontransferrable and non-sublicensable license to certain of the other’s patents. Apple also agrees not to sue HTC over certain covered products, though the specific products are redacted.

The agreement also appears to exclude any of Apple’s design patents and nine specified HTC patents as well as coverage for any products that are defined as cloning an Apple product. (An arbitration process is outlined should Apple feel that HTC has released a “cloned” product.)

Samsung’s motives behind publishing it are most likely that it wants to prove that any injunction against itself from Apple is null and void. Attempting to convince Judge Lucy Koh that she should reverse the $1B decision is going to be a tough ask, but you can’t blame the Korean company for trying.

Full settlement embedded below :

Apple-HTC Settlement (Redacted)

Via: 9to5Mac

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