App Watch: Rockmelt and IMO.IM updated, Rise alarm clock and Karateka for iPhone launched

It’s a busy time in the app world. Every developer under the sun is trying to get its updates and new releases on to the App Store before Apple shuts down for the holidays. Today we focus on three very interesting new offerings and IMO.IM’s attempt to stay ahead of its competitors.

1. Rockmelt – Free

Rockmelt offers a unique way of interacting and viewing the web. It’s free and looks like a fantastic tool. It’s been available on iPad for a while but is now compatible with the iPhone. Check it out, you have nothing to lose.

2. Rise Alarm Clock
– $1.99 (£1.49)

Many apps in the App Store now are trying to make every day productivity tools like calendars, to do lists and the like much more intuitive and user friendly. Although it looks very Windows Phone-y, Rise looks like a fantastic alternative. It’s controlled by very simple and natural gestures on screen, and has a beautifully minimal user interface.

3. Karateka – $2.99 (£1.99)

A classic title, originally launched in 1984 has had its essence transported in to a modern iPad and iPhone game with fantastic graphics and gameplay.

“Created on an Apple II by Jordan Mechner in his Yale dorm room, Karateka’s groundbreaking rotoscoped animation and cinematic cutscenes influenced a generation of gamers, and paved the way for his next game, Prince of Persia. Today’s iOS release has special meaning for Jordan, as it brings Karateka full circle from the Apple II version that launched his career as a game designer, to modern Apple devices 28 years later.”


Social networking is a tough market to compete in, particularly when it comes to cross-platform instant messaging. IMO.IM has long been one of my favorites, and has now been updated to include voice calling. It’s available for iPhone and iPad, with the iPad app seeing the bulk of the updates this time around.

What’s New in Version 2.0

* New streamlined design combines messages and contacts for faster chatting
* High-quality VoIP feature to call friends using the imo iPad, iPhone and Android apps
* Group photo sharing and real-time upload of group photos 
* New menu with accounts, settings and status
* Status indicator bar in the messaging tab that changes color based on your current status, and a status indicator bar in chat windows based on your contact’s status”

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  • Hey, These all apps are great. Karateka is my favorite app.