Amazon starts selling “AmazonBasics” Lightning cables then pulls them (Update: They’re back)

Update: A commenter pointed out that the link was working, and when I tried it, sure enough the link is back up. Guess we will never know what happened.

Amazon has its own line of accessories, for those that didn’t know, dubbed “AmazonBasics.” They are miscellaneous cases, batteries, cables, and other knick knacks, but then Amazon began selling Lightning cables for $14.99. That is, until they were pulled yesterday, with no explanation. The page currently gives you Amazon’s generic “Looking for something?” 404 page that you get with a bad URL.

Some say they were able to purchase the cables before Amazon yanked them from the site, but something interesting was noticed – they were only pulled in the US. Internationally, these cables are still available for purchase. If you go to a page for other Lightning cables, you can still see the advertisement for Amazon’s flavor on the page. It will be interesting to see if any word comes out as to the reasoning behind this.

What do you think? Why would they only be pulled in the US? Were you able to order one? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: 9to5Mac, Amazon

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  • Guest12341

    the link works for me and says “In Stock”.

  • mokona_soul

    @taknom これはかっこわるい!(;^ω^)

  • taknom

    @mokona_soul iPhoneやiPadの格好良さが減りそうですよねσ(^_^;