47% of Apple’s iPad minis sold to new customers, increases market share hugely

A survey conducted by AlphaWise from 1000 US consumers has concluded that nearly half of Apple’s iPad minis are sold to customers who are new to the platform, disproving the more negative analysts who predicted that the device would cannibalize its older brother.

Analyst Katy Huberty has stated that even though some iPad sales have been cannibalized, the concerns over this have been “overblown”.

AlphaWise’s survey also called the tiny tablet a “key demand driver”, as it makes up around 34% of planned iPad purchases.

Huberty has also said that, although there is a potential risk of cannibalization of the 9.7-inch iPad, it is “manageable” for Apple.

It has also been concluded that 7% of current Kindle Fire users said they’d switch to Apple for the iPad mini, as did 2% of Samsung tablet users. A tiny difference, but worth mentioning nonetheless.


Via: Apple Insider

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