Yesterday was Instagram’s biggest day ever, with 10 million Thanksgiving photos uploaded

Instagram is quickly becoming one of the biggest forces in social networking. It’s been an essential for budding iPhoneographers (who I’ve been instructed not to insult today) since its release back in 2010. But in the past year, it’s totally rocketed. With help from its Android release earlier this year, the service reached 100 million users back in September, and just yesterday it had its biggest day ever, with 10 million photos being uploaded for Thanksgiving.

Obviously, 10 million is a sublime number, but some perspective manages to make it even more impressive, because it means that roughly 200 photos were uploaded per second. In-fact around twice as many photos were uploaded on Thanksgiving (yesterday) than the day before.

With Instagram’s huge rate of growth, expect Christmas to break this record again, because Instagram broke its last record (set during the events of hurricane Sandy) of 800,000 in less than one month.


Via: The Verge

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