Vodafone UK kicks off “Red Hot” plans – replace your iPhone every 12 months

In response to EE’s tempting offer of super-fast 4G connectivity, Vodafone is pulling out as many stops as it can to convince people to choose “Big Red” over “Big Yellow/Teal”. Red Hot is a new leasing plan by the Voda which allows subscribers to get the latest and greatest smartphone on contract, and return it a year later, swapping it out for a brand new device.

Red Hot price plans vary in monthly cost depending on the handset you choose, but the allowance remains the same: unlimited calls and texts plus 2GB of data. Upfront cost for devices changes depending on handset too:

As you can see, monthly line rental is on the premium side. Which is to be expected considering the low upfront cost and the short term of the contract. But, when you consider that EE’s 4G 12-month plans will cost you at least £790 in total over the twelve months, Voda’s will save you some cash in the long run, even if the monthly line rental is on the high side. In comparison iPhone 5 16GB on Red Hot will cost you £708 over the twelve months. EE’s range between £790 and £862 over the one year contract.

Once your 12 months is up, you return your phone. But, if you replace it in bad condition you will get charged. That said, by the looks of the charges sheet below, you’d have to drag it along some gravel for a few days to get charged a penny.

What do you make of Vodafone’s new leasing plan? Are tempted to take it up?

Via: SlashGear

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