Vimeo updates iOS app, sharing and uploading made easier

As a video sharing site, Vimeo is often left in the shadows of YouTube, it’s not got as much content, nor does it have as many users. But Vimeo still fights its rival, battling with YouTube’s sleek new (well, sort of new) iPhone app with its own new, updated version.

Past versions of Vimeos iOS app were way too cluttered and confusing to use, but now, that’s changed. Using the idea that ‘less is more’ Vimeo has removed the editing function on the app, as it was scarcely used by most people who had previous versions of the app. By doing this, Vimeo has made the uploading process far easier, and just made the application much more seemless.

Vimeo also made the navigation of the app much simpler, not dissimilar to YouTube’s current iOS layout.

This has been a point in the right direction for Vimeo, and since the entire app has been home-made by the company – rather than hiring another firm to do it – we can expect more awesome updates to the rest of Vimeo’s services.



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