USB Squier Stratocaster launched by Fender for iOS devices

If you’re a guitarist and a tech lover, and have experienced being ‘on the road’ with nothing more than your guitar, your iPhone and an iRig to connect the two, you’ll know the reasonably big hassle of trying to set up your mobile recording studio. I’ve used my iRig to a decent extent, and I must say that it’s not the tidiest way to record on-the-go. You’ve got wires coming out of everywhere, and your headphones get tangled with your guitar lead, leaving you with an ugly mess to clean up.

Happily, ever being one to innovate on the music industry, Fender has seen the woes of the travelling guitarist, and has launched a USB Stratocaster through its Squier division, to be sold through Apple Stores. The Strat features everything you’d get from a Fender Standard model, with an SSH pickup layout, maple neck w/ rosewood fingerboard and Fender’s classic design. Plus, of course, you’ll get the USB connectivity that the name suggests. And you’ll get all this for the very reasonable price of $199.

The guitar connects to your iDevice or Mac/PC via either a micro USB to 30-pin or micro USB to USB cable. Sadly, there’s no Lightning option, but for latest-gen iOS users, a 30-pin to Lightning connector should work.

Fortunately, if you’re a traditional guitarist,you can still use this Strat with any guitar amp, but the USB functionality is another nice addition.

This isn’t exactly the first of its kind though, as Epiphone launched the ‘Les Paul Ultra III’ back in September 2011, and that features even more than Squier’s guitar, although at a far higher price which pushes Epiphone’s USB Les Paul into the ‘mid-range’ guitar section.

All in all, if you fancy a nicely specced guitar to take with you when you’re travelling, but you have a budget, look no further than the Squier USB Stratocaster.

Check out the video below for a nice look at the guitar in action:


Via: 9to5Mac

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