’s resin skin for iPhone 4/4S is impossibly grippy, with Wolverine’s healing qualities [Review + Gallery]

Yes, that is my iPhone stuck to a window… amazing

I’d never heard of before one of the company’s crew reached out to me about reviewing its resin skins for iPhone and iPad. Admittedly, the minimalist iPad skin that I reviewed previously didn’t float my boat, so I wasn’t expecting much of the iPhone 4/4S skin. How wrong could I have been? Wronger than Mr. Wrong floating the wrong way down smelly creek with a hole in his boat.

Firstly, the design is simple, clean and it works. The skin is made up of three parts. The larger part protects the back of your iPhone while the other two bits cover the bottom and top of your iPhone’s face. I’m glad to see there’s no bezel protection too, skins with those built in are impossible to get straight and often cover corners of the display. I got the white skin, and it just looks like it belongs on the phone. Sure, it doesn’t wow or excite, but I love how it blends in to the phone without adding any major bulk.

There were two specific features that transported me to nerdvana and excited me in the same way that I got excited the first time I tried popping candy when I was a kid. Firstly: this thing is stupidly grippy. So much so, it baffled me. My contact at Uguard dared my to place it on a vertical glass surface “like my iMac”. Since I don’t have an iMac, I decided the next best thing was my office window (pictured above). I’m pretty sure my phone could have hung out there for hours. Feeling the back of the phone with my hand, it’s not obviously sticky, but somehow when you place it on a smooth, shiny surface, it all of a sudden decides its going to cling on like its life depended on it. If – like me – your iPhone slips of every surface going with little to now encouragement, this skin is a savior.

Secondly – it heals itself. You read that right. The skin friggin heals itself! Bearing in mind that this is supposedly a soft material, it should be the easiest thing in the world to scratch. It’s not. I attacked it with some keys and my SIM ejector tool, and you could virtually see this thing glueing itself back together as I ran the sharp-ish metal across its surface. Obviously, deeper scratches take much longer, but nevertheless, it’s pretty impressive. You know that if you throw this resin-equipped iPhone in to a handbag/pocket full of keys and coins, you won’t even notice when you grab your phone out again.

As with many things, its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. Being so grippy means that, sadly, it is a bit of a dust and fluff magnet. If you place it in a pocket, don’t expect to retrieve it without it wanting to bring along some pocket debris for a ride.  All in all though, it’s a fantastic offering to the market and not at all expensive at €15.90 ($20 US or £12.75 UK), and is one of the best protective skins around for 4th and 5th gen iPhones. It’s available from’s online store in a choice of 11 different colors.


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