Top 5 Stories of the Week – iPhone 5S release, Oprah’s Surface tweet, iPhone alternatives and more…

It’s been Thanksgiving Stateside this week, so everyone’s been (rightly) focussed on time with family, eating good food and making merry with friends. So, you can absolutely be forgiven for not having caught a lot of the news this week. So, without further babbling, on to this week’s top stories. (Each headline is a link to the original article.)

1. iPhone 5S won’t be released until mid-2013 [Rumor]

Yep, it’s that time of the year again. iPhone rumors have already started, and shockingly, this isn’t the first iPhone 5S rumor we’ve read. According to DigiTimes, we shouldn’t expect a 7th generation iPhone before the middle part of 2013. Sources near the supply line predict that Apple will kick off production in April/May.

2. Oprah “Love that Surface”… sent from my iPad

This was the hilarious story surrounding Oprah’s quite obvious promotion of the Windows Surface, except she made one major boo-boo. She sent the promotional tweet from a direct competitor’s device, the iPad.

3. If you didn’t have an iPhone, which new device would you have? [POLL]

I conducted a poll to discover which ‘other’ smartphone our loyal iPhone users would consider if they didn’t use one of Apple’s fruit-branded handsets. By far, the most popular was the Galaxy Note II. Clearly, readers see that it offers something unique in a stunningly powerful package.

4. Is Apple losing its innovative touch? [editorial]

Stephen poses the question regarding Apple’s innovative side. It’s been a few years since our favorite company has shaken up any industry. Has Steve Jobs’ death meant that the iPhone makers no longer have the same drive to achieve the impossible?

5. More than 60% EA Games titles for iOS reduced for Thanksgiving

EA Games drops many of its best games for the Thanksgiving weekend. The latest FIFA and Need for Speed titles have been dropped for the weekend alongside many others.


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