TiP’s Big Thanksgiveaway – Day One Winners

Yesterday, we kicked off part of our BIG Thanksgiveaway in which we were offering three cool accessories. To enter, you (our readers) had to tell us your best Thanksgiving stories. Myself and another editor on the site, (thanks Kyle), chose the ones that we thought were funniest, or most entertaining.

So without further ado, the top 3 thanksgiving stories (and prizes will be awarded to):

1. swchrisc

“I remember two years ago, when I was living in a house with 3 of my schoolmates. Thanksgiving was just around the corner, and none of us had gone home because of our senior design project. The Friday after thanksgiving, we decided to throw a party so we invited friends and friends invited friends. I was enjoying my time when my friends introduced me to a girl and we really hit it off. We started walking to my room, and eventually had the door closed behind us. When she threw me on my bed, she took my shirt off halfway and put it over my head so I couldn’t see anything. RIGHT THEN, she just SCREAMED with my friends yelling outside “FIRE FIRE F*** F***!!!” I, of course panicked and got up running outside while trying to fix my shirt. As soon as I got to my living room I had fixed my shirt and regained my vision, and that’s when I saw about a dozen people with pumpkin pies….throwing them at me and pieing me in the face. The whole thing was a set up from the beginning; the girl, even the party. Well, that girl is now my girlfriend, but… That thanksgiving was definitely…pumpkinlicious.”

2. Parky190

“My grandpa caught his house on fire with the smoker one year and said “At least the turkey wasn’t burnt, it was expensive!” XD Luckily his house wasn’t damaged too badly” 

3. Aznzing

“I remember Thanksgiving at my grandma’s house a few years ago. Many of my relatives came over and we were all about to eat dinner. Well as we all got up to sit around the table, one of the younger kids fell and tripped and ended up knocking over one of my aunts who was carrying some food. This food knocked over some more food and eventually havoc ensued, but the whole family got a nice kick out of that and we still had a great time.”


Thank you to all who entered, and congrats to the winners. If you’v won and are on facebook, please send a message to our Facebook page, or email TiPEditor@todaysiphone.com with your name, date of birth, shipping information and your order of preference for which of the accessories you’d like to win.

If you didn’t win,  stay tuned for more. We still have a ton of accessories to giveaway over the next few days.

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  • parky190

    This is crazy! I never win