TiP’s Big Thanksgiveaway! Day One – Incipio OffGRID PRO, E6M Earphones and NUU MiniKey

Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re in the States, you’ll most likely be preparing yourself for a belly-full of turkey and pumpkin pie right now. For most, it’s a day of being grateful, celebration and making merry. And we wanted to add to the festivities by hosting an accessory giveaway. Today we’re offering up three great products for you to win: Incipio’s OffGRID Pro battery pack for iPhone 4/4S, Elago’s stylish E6M earphones and the NUU MiniKey Bluetooth keyboard/case for iPhone 4/4S.

1. Incipio OffGRID Pro for iPhone 4/4S

I gave the OffGRID Pro a 9/10 TiP rating when I reviewed it back in June, and for good reason. It’s comfortable to hold, and it comes with a spare battery with its own charging dock, ensuring that you never have to have your iPhone plugged in to the mains. It’s a fantastic case/battery pack and is incredibly hard to fault. Product Link.

2. Elago E6M Earphones

Elago’s E6M earphones with inline mic are a great, inexpensive solution to the problem of finding good looking earphones for the iPhone. I gave them the first looks/gallery treatment not long ago. Without spending tons of cash on the likes of Bose or Beats, it’s hard to find any that match Elago’s sense of design and style. Product Link.

3. NUU MiniKey for iPhone 4/4S

Some people still love the physical keyboard, despite the advancement on virtual onscreen QWERTYs. I’m one of them. There’s nothing like feeling and hearing the click of a physical key, and is probably the reason why I can’t type anything on my iPhone without the click noises on. NUU’s MiniKey is one solution that’s made its way in to the major press, and is regarded by many as being the best in the business. Product Link.



All you have to do to enter is comment below with your most interesting/funny thanksgiving story. Did your embarrassing uncle fall asleep at the table with his face in the gravy? Or did your mom burn the house down trying to deep-fry the turkey? Our editorial team will choose the best three stories.

Some Rules:

1. Mainland US residents from 18 and upwards only. Due to many issues with shipping, localized sweepstakes laws etc. We’re working on a UK giveaway soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

2. Only one entry per person.

3. Entries must be in by 11:59pm Pacific Time tonight, November 22nd.

4. Winners will be contacted to ask for there preference of accessory order 1-3. First come, first served.


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  • brad_carter90

    hopefully you aren’t picking the funniest comment because my thanksgivings are typically fairly boring. nothing funny really happens. although, one time there was a huge miscommunication between my mom and my grandma. my mom thought my grandma bought the turkey and my grandma thought my mom bought the turkey. needless to say, we ate a lot of stuffing, gravy, and rolls that year.

  • Aznzing

    I remember Thanksgiving at my grandma’s house a few years ago. Many of my relatives came over and we were all about to eat dinner. Well as we all got up to sit around the table, one of the younger kids fell and tripped and ended up knocking over one of my aunts who was carrying some food. This food knocked over some more food and eventually havoc ensued, but the whole family got a nice kick out of that and we still had a great time.

  • Robbie8800

    About 5 years ago my cousins and I started a tradition of eating for an hour and every year, we all sit down to dinner and eat for an hour straight. Every year it has been getting harder to get everyone together for the tradition but we all make sacrifices and get together to keep the tradition alive

  • DavidMoreno

    Several years ago I became a vegetarian. Well that year my aunt, who I hadn’t seen for years, invited me over for thanksgiving. Well not knowing I was vegetarian now she had saved the “honor” for me to carve the turkey for everyone. Not wanting to disappoint her excitement I accepted her request. It felt like more like an autopsy than dinner. Needless to say she hasn’t asked that of me since lol.

  • parky190

    My grandpa caught his house on fire with the smoker one year and said “At least the turkey wasn’t burnt, it was expensive!” XD Luckily his house wasn’t damaged too badly

  • blueonofre

    Last year today all my family gathers at my house we go all out, turkey, ham, desserts, etc. so when it came time to cut the turkey my cousin begged to cut it. As he was cutting it with a really sharp knife he cuts himself and starts bleeding, him being scared of blood starts screaming and then runs upstairs BIG MISTAKE my father was bringing the gravy over when he is bumped by my cousin and drops it all over himself he then curses in Spanish everyone got a kick out of it lets see if today brings anything like last year

  • RyanMilan

    One Thanksgiving when I was a kid, my mother and grandmother accidentally let the dog grab the turkey off the tray and drag it around a bit. They wrestled it back from him, but was thanksgiving cancelled? Of course not. In fact, we enjoyed a juicy, tender turkey, only to find out years later why there was a large chunk of it missing.

  • kplayahayta

    We were celebrating thanksgiving in Iran in 2009 out in the open and when we set up this big feast, the residents of Tehran thought that it was for them. Since this was months after a controversial election, they had some of our food and this fueled them to start a violent protest near the parliament buildings! We ran back home ASAP and later saw on the news that this needed police enforcement to die down. I am never celebrating thanksgiving in Iran ever again.

  • swchrisc

    I remember two years ago, when I was living in a house with 3 of my schoolmates.
    Thanksgiving was just around the corner, and none of us had gone home because of our senior design project. The Friday after thanksgiving, we decided to throw a party so we invited friends and friends invited friends. I was enjoying my time when my friends introduced me to a girl and we really hit it off. We started walking to my room, and eventually had the door closed behind us. When she threw me on my bed, she took my shirt off halfway and put it over my head so I couldn’t see anything. RIGHT THEN, she just SCREAMED with my friends yelling outside “FIRE FIRE F*** F***!!!” I, of course panicked and got up running outside while trying to fix my shirt. As soon as I got to my living room I had fixed my shirt and regained my vision, and that’s when I saw about a dozen people with pumpkin pies….throwing them at me and pieing me in the face. The whole thing was a set up from the beginning; the girl, even the party. Well, that girl is now my girlfriend, but… That thanksgiving was definitely…pumpkinlicious.

  • BrettHusslein

    Last thanksgiving my parents were cooking the turkey and before she checked on it I took the giant turkey out and swapped it with a little turkey and put it in. When she checked she thought she shrunk the chicken and went totally crazy. It was so funny! Everyone was in on it but her. After like 30 min we told her and she cracked up and we all shared a good laugh.

  • SkyPira

    I ate the most I ever had, probably, and after anticipating gaining a couple of pounds, I actually lost a pound. So strange.

  • Estefan

    My mom had put the turkey in the oven really late in the afternoon that we had to eat till 10 till it was cook because it was not cooking at all