The Lumawake smart iPhone dock has to make it to market, I’ll cry if it doesn’t

Every once in a while an awesome product comes to market, and you wonder why no one had done it before. Gadgets like Nest’s thermostat that makes managing your heating enjoyable and simple, or like this awesome Lumawake dock for iPhone. On the surface, it may just look like a stylish dock to charge your iPhone, but it’s so much more. Check out the Apple-esque promotional video below:

It has the ability to connect to all the electrical items in your home, and features an open API so any developer can come up with products and apps that will connect with your Lumawake dock. While the video may be a little cringeworthy thanks to trying to mimic one of Apple’s, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this dock can and probably will be the dock that ends all docks. Thanks to its ability to monitor your sleep without wristbands, and wake you up naturally, you’ll also have no need for any other accessory that does the same thing. It’s the ultimate all-in-one smart dock, and it should be on the market.

If you want to help get it in to production, head on over to the Lumawake page and reserve one.

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  • Tom73

    Lots of plaid in those offices……..

  • Jasper

    Lumawake commercials remind me of Apple’s. “We wanted to make sure that we did this…or that…This is the best thing ever. There will never be anything like it…” You know?