The cost of copying an iconic Swiss clock face design? $21M

As we all know by now, that awesome clock face design was lifted right from an iconic clock face designed and owned by the Swiss national rail service. It didn’t take long for the company to spot Apple’s design “borrowing”. Cupertino and Swiss Rail resolved the dispute similarly as quick, but until now we didn’t know how much our favorite fruit company had to cough up in order to keep the design within iOS 6.

US tech giant Apple has dished out 20 million Swiss francs ($21 million, 17 million euros) to compensate Swiss national rail operator SBB for using its famous clock without permission, a Swiss daily reported Saturday.

We’re not sure how the two got to that figure, but an interesting theory over at 9to5Mac is that it’s roughly 10 cents for each of the 210 million iOS 6 devices.

Via: 9to5Mac

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  • Chasemasten

    Where Is this clock in iOS 6?

  • Agreed, where is this in iOS 6?