T-Mobile would “love to carry the iPhone”,but doesn’t want to make sacrifices

Jim Alling, COO of T-Mobile, has recently stated that his company would want to carry the iPhone, but not if it means making sacrifices, as doing so would be a big gamble for the carrier.

Alling made reference to Sprint’s recent deal with Apple to carry the iPhone, and he mentioned that T-Mobile would not want to follow in its rival’s footsteps, because such a deal would be very risky (and incredibly expensive), and there’s no guarantee that it would benefit the company.

Also, since the deal would obviously be very expensive, sacrifices within T-Mobile would be required to fund the investment, and the money could be put to better use in improving T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, as 1.5 million iPhone users already use it. Plus, if T-Mobile was to carry the iPhone 5, the lack of LTE coverage from the carrier is enough to put most consumers off.


Via: Phone Arena 

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  • joelaxel1997

    i have an iphone on tmobile, but i wish it would get 3g

  • KraKsX

    @joelaxel1997 Some do, it depends on your area, where t-mobile has 1,900mhz

  • jabombardier

    It is okay. As a value plan customer, i would have to buy the phone full price. So i will wait for the refarm to hit New York Metro, the official release of the unlocked iPhone 5 by Apple and T-Mobile to be close to turning on it’s LTE network.