Surface RT display pitted against the iPad’s Retina screen

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the launch of Windows 8 in all its sizes and forms. And for good reason. Although it may take long term Windows users a little while to get used to it, the complete rethink in design meant that Microsoft could finally release easily usable tablets. Enter: the Surface RT. The tablet which Steve Ballmer’s company claimed would outperform the new Retina equipped iPads when it came to screen clarity. Spoiler: it doesn’t.

A display expert, Dr. Raymond Soneira over at DisplayMate Technologies has stated that the iPad 3’s higher resolution display not only produces much sharper text than the the ClearType display on the RT, but also has “significantly better” color saturation and color accuracy. In short, the iPad 3/4’s display is the bee’s knees. And, despite the fact that the iPad 2 clearly has a lower resolution than the RT, that also outperforms the Surface RT when it comes to color.

The iPad 3 has a much higher resolution of 2048×1536 and a much larger 99 percent Color Gamut. In terms of visual sharpness, the Surface RT with ClearType Sub-Pixel Rendering improves text sharpness significantly so that it is significantly sharper than the iPad 2, but not as sharp as the iPad 3. In terms of the Color Gamut, the new iPad 3 has significantly better color saturation and color accuracy.

When it comes to displays then, nothing comes close to the iPad’s Retina panel (yet). I’m looking forward to when all tablets’ displays surpass the density required to fool your eyes in to thinking there are no individual pixels. More importantly, I’m looking forward to the day the iPad mini has a Retina display. That day cannot come soon enough.

Via: CultofMac
Source: DisplayMate

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  • matthew4295

    Nothing comes close to the iPad’s Retina display? Uh I know it’s not released but as far as Resolution, the Nexus 10 kills the iPad’s display.

  • ammyt

    And that’s why I had everything written down by Cam :)Check the Nexus 10.

  • anon

    Scumbag fanboys. Have you not even heard of the Nexus 10, or are you too stuck up in your Retina display to care?

  • awesomeHenrik85

    @matthew4295 who cares man? Start wining when it’s out in stores. You know that iPad 22 is going to have 24242553536*188282928 res. wow.

  • paulsoutlook

    Resolution on iPad is a misnomer, it doesn’t give more screen real estate like a PC does. All apps are sized for the screen physical dimensions, not pixel dimensions. Going from iPad 2 to (not) New iPad doesn’t mean you can write twice as much across a Penultimate page.