Spigen keeps its classy reputation intact with the latest GLAS.t for iPhone 5 [Review]

Spigen SGP’s GLAS.t for the iPhone 5 is the third I’ve tried in the series having reviewed the iPad and iPhone 4/4S versions. The tempered glass screen protectors initially were just a curiosity to me, and at $27.99 you have to be sure that it’s what you want. After all, it’s a screen protector, not a full body case. That’s not to say it’s bad value for money, quite the opposite in fact.

The GLAS.t has been specially engineered to absorb shock and protect your display from knocks and scratches. It’s 0.4mm thin and has stood up to the likes of keys and kitchen knives in testing. This is about as far from your usual thin screen protecting film as you can get. To top it off – quite literally – it has an oleophobic coating to help reduce fingerprints/oil.

My experience got off to a great start when I unboxed and applied it to the phone for our YouTube channel (video below). It’s the first time I’ve managed to install the GLAS.t without getting a single bubble or piece of dust stuck underneath it. If you are to buy this case, please be sure you wash your hands and clean the display thoroughly before applying. Any dust or grime is an absolute pain to get off the adhesive side. But, it’s certainly worth it if you are vigilant. The result – in my case – is a pristine, shiny, glassy, transparent, bubble-free sheet of perfect protection. It looks the Alsatian’s Alloys (to twist a commonly used simile).

One of the best things about the iPhone 5 is its obsidian-like shine (the black model obviously), and this screen protector enhances that look. The only negative on the “feel” side of things is the home button. Because the protector adds an obvious thickness, the home button is recessed. Spigen attempted to come up with a solution, by including some complimentary home button protectors in the packaging, but they really are awful. Not only are the really rubbery and cheap, they’re impossible to remove.

In terms of “doing what it says on the tin”, the GLAS.t is first class. I’ve hit it a good number of times with a metallic object, tried to scratch it, all to no avail. This thing is good! Not a mark, not even on close inspection. On the site Spigen recommends using a case too. The GLAS.t is understandably a tiny bit vulnerable at the corners and edges (because it’s glass). So, if you want extra phone protection, wrap it up in something suitable or opt to spend a few more dollars and get the GLAS.tr. And here’s my only other problem with the GLAS.t: because a lot of cases are so tight fitting, the screen protector may limit your choices a tad.

All in all, it’s a fantastic addition to the strong GLAS.t lineup. It’s brilliantly transparent, touch screen sensitivity isn’t affected in the slightest and it adds amazing protection. A very strong offering to the market, at a great price point.

To purchase the SGP GLAS.t for iPhone 5 head on over to the product page. Spigen also offers the GLAS.tr which is similar except it adds much tougher rounded edges to reduce the likelihood of chipping. It also looks a good investment at $34.99. GLAS.tr product page.



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