Sparx brings LED notifications to your iPhone 5

If you look back at smartphones before the iPhone was released, the unquestionable daddy of the field was BlackBerry. At the time, its phones were probably the most coveted handsets out there, and even now, the company still has its unique features that push the desirability factor up. One of these features is the LED notification light, that allows you to see if anybody has bothered to talk to you at a glance. It’s a shame that BlackBerry is (pretty much) the only manufacturer using this technology.

However, if you want an LED notification light on your beloved iPhone 5, then an awesome new Kickstarter project has your back. The project – named Sparx – makes good use of the LED flash on your iPhone by building a case around it. The case reflects and enhances the light from the LED using a colored translucent panel, this emits the light in vivid color, allowing notifications to be seen easily.

Sparx is an incredibly simple concept, as it simply utilizes the LED notifications option that exists on your iPhone.

So, if you want the case, head over to the Kickstarter page and pledge $35 (it ain’t cheap). Then, wait a few months, and be ready to unpack your accessory in February.

For a closer look at Sparx, check out the video below:

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