Sparrow update rejected by Apple, and not because of push email

Sparrow is my favorite email client. I use it full-time on my Mac and my iPhone. Its simplistic UI and gesture controls make it one of the most pleasing ways to interact with email out there. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing better on the App Store. The only thing missing is push email, which will likely not exist, ever, but “pull to refresh” is hardly taxing.

Recently, Sparrow’s developers submitted a new version to Apple to be released in the App Store including iPhone 5 optimization, and also an easier way to type. Dinh Viet Hoa, one of Sparrow’s developers stated on twitter: “Apple called to tell me that Sparrow has been rejected. Our app will be removed from the appstore if we don’t submit a new version soon.

The reason?

“We managed to get a rich text edition [and] the keyboard appeared without the user [having] to tap on ios5. We’re fighting with apple to get the update of the app through the AppStore validation process.”

So, in essence: because the update included rich text editing, the app has been rejected. This in turn means that Sparrow’s next update will be for iOS 6 devices only. I – for one – am glad that the company is still developing the app, despite being taken over by Google a little while back. Now, where’s Sparrow for iPad? That would look sweet on the mini.

Via: TNW, CultofMac
Source: twitter

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  • DaveHealey

    I gave Sparrow a try on iOS but I never really like apps that are not integrated for obvious reasons. To be honest it was only through curiosity, I never really had an issue with the stock mail app. I run several different email accounts in, including my own mail server along with legacy yahoo, hotmail & mac accounts and it all works fine, so I think anyone that can’t cope with the stock mail app maybe needs to look at their usage & processes rather than trying to compensate with 3rd party apps.
    I deleted sparrow the minute google bought them and as far as I concerned now, sparrow is dead in the water for iOS.