Sim-Free prices for the iPhone 5 to start at $649 in the U.S?

Speculation coming from AppleInsider this morning suggests that Apple has set its unsubsidized unlocked iPhone 5 prices at $649, $749 and $849 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models respectively. One of the blog’s readers sent them a screenshot of search results from the Apple online store. Searching for “iPhone 5 factory unlocked” got no main results, but did come up with a list of Store results in the right-hand sidebar.

Personally, I can’t see many opting for the SIM-free model in the States. When compared to the subsidized $200 price-point, it’s a pretty big jump. And – although it may end up cheaper in the long run – I can’t imagine that every Joe Bloggs has $700 lying around waiting for the iPhone 5 to be available unlocked.

What do you think? Are you planning on buying an unlocked iPhone?

Via: AppleInsider

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  • MarcOKelly

    I’ll just buy an ipad mini

  • HaythamBader

    What about tourists? Have you been to Florida? All you can see are Brazilians willing to spend 700 dollars smiling due to the fact that in their country it’s amazingly expensive( perhaps more than 1000 dollars, and its not even selling over there). I see no reason for Americans to buy too, but tourists yes!

  • rsb3rd

    Yes, the unlocked iPhone is great when traveling to Europe so you can buy a SIM card in whatever country you are in and pay local prices for local calls instead of the outrageous international prices charged by our domestic carriers.

  • DarrenButz

    I’ll pay that price if it comes to Virgin Mobile.

  • Milos

    Hi I am looking forward to buy SIM FREE in NY, …I am coming in NY on 17Nov…Hope there will be Sim free in Apple stores. Does somebody knows the release date?

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