Rumor: Sharp seeking investment from Apple

The electronics company Sharp has recently announced that its operations are likely to shut down, according to IDG. The business is having great trouble in trying to find investors, due to its ever decreasing stock prices. This has deterred Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn from buying an 11 percent stake in the company, as was previously agreed.

As I’m sure you’re aware, the company mainly focuses on displays and other components to sell to manufacturers. It makes sense then, that Sharp is rumored to be pointing its attention towards displays for the mobile market, as well as its IGZO display technology, to give itself a financial boost.

However, more rumors have been released today, stating that Sharp will try to gain investment from the king of the consumer electronics world, Apple. Now, rumors about the two companies having some sort of financial alliance have been around for a while, starting back in November of last year, when Apple was supposedly going to invest in Sharp’s Japanese display factories. When this turned out to be bogus, all of the rumor mill’s attention turned to the speculation of the iPad mini. It was then rumored that the 7.9 inch iPad display would be one of Sharp’s IGZO displays. But, if you’re a particularly observant Apple fan, you’ll know that that never happened either. Despite this, Sharp has been a component supplier to Apple for some time, and is currently making displays for the iPhone 5. Plus, it is not impossible that Sharp’s IGZO displays will end up in Apple products in the months to come, as the first tablet to feature such technology has just been announced, meaning that an iPad with a Sharp display isn’t just a distant dream (for Sharp, I doubt anyone else is really that bothered).

Whether or not Apple will invest in the struggling company is difficult to say, but Sharp does claim that with some cut backs and the right business strategy, it can turn itself around, so I guess it’s a waiting game until more information surfaces.


Via: 9to5Mac


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