Retina displays already being prepared for 2nd gen iPad mini?

Only a month ago, the iPad mini itself was a mythical device. Now – only a few days after its release – rumors of the second generation model are already being thrown off the rumor spinning machine. According to DoNews’ Chinese supply chain sources, AU Optronics is already prepping 7.9″ displays with an incredible 497ppi. AU Optronics is already one of Apple’s display making partners, so that part does make some sense.

It’s said that Apple struggled to get Retina-quality graphics ready for a device the size of the mini. The mechanics of creating a device powerful enough with the same battery life is one Apple’s already had to deal with when launching the iPad 3/4. In the end, it meant adding a hefty battery. Doing the same with the mini would completely ruin everything Cupertino’s designers were trying to achieve by making a super-portable iPad.

Although we’re certain Apple will bring a Retina display to the iPad mini eventually, it’s hard to say whether this particular rumor has any fact in it. It’s certainly feasible. If Apple’s going to keep the design the same for the next gen model, all the design team needs to focus on is figuring out the complexities of a higher-res screen without bulking up the device. We’ll keep you informed of any more speculation as it comes along the grapevine.

Via: SlashGear, DoNews.

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  • IanDean

    If you doubled the dpi on the iPad mini you would get 326 dpi. The exact same dpi as the iPhone. This story smells.