Post-Thanksgiving shoppers wanted iOS more than Android

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now it is time for Christmas shopping to begin. As usual, Black Friday came and went with the typical hype, and now it is Cyber Monday. What did this first weekend of shopping show as far as mobile OS preference? People are using iOS devices more so than Android to do their shopping. A 77% majority of mobile web purchases were made from iOS powered devices on Black Friday, and only 5.5% of online shopping was done from an Android device.

Tablets being the device of choice, presumably for the larger size, the iPad of course reigned supreme accounting for 88.3% of the tablet traffic, with a surprising and unexpected runner up, the Nook, at 3.1%. Yes, there was an 85.2% difference between first and second place. I personally contributed to these statistics as I sat comfortably at home with my iPad to do some shopping.

Did you do any shopping? From and iOS or Android device, or desktop? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: Cult of Mac, Ars Technica, IBM

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  • SkyPira

    The title is misleading. People didn’t want iOS over an android, they simply used their iOS devices for more online shopping than Android users did. Your title implies that people bought iOS devices more than they did android ones .

  • BillThomas

    @SkyPira iOS rules!!!!

  • BillThomas


  • SkyPira

    @BillThomas but the title is still misleading regardless..