Pixar’s main studio renamed “The Steve Jobs Building” in honor of Apple’s late co-founder

When Steve Jobs was ousted from his own company in the mid/late 80s, he went on to form his own computer company, NeXT. In the period following he noticed some potential in a very small digital animation studio, formally owned by Lucasfilm. As we all know, Jobs loved nothing more than when art and technology met, and Pixar was the perfect example. To sell its high-powered computer systems, Pixar would create some really cool short films. When the studio started to struggle, Steve came in and invested heavily to keep it going. He was also incredibly influential in how the studio kept its identity separate from Disney, despite being part of the company.

In honor of Steve Jobs’ massive role in Pixar’s success, the animation studio has renamed its main building “The Steve Jobs Building”. As many of you will know from reading his biography, Steve had a huge say in how the studio was designed and built to be a huge open space to create a collaborative atmosphere. Also, if you look closely at many of Pixar’s early motion pictures, you’ll see Steve Mentioned in the “thanks to” or sometimes “very special thanks to” sections. He meant a lot to them, and we wouldn’t have some of the greatest animated movies of all time. Imagine a world without Toy Story or A Bug’s Life. Unthinkable.

Via: 9to5Mac
Source: PixarTimes

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